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Peter Shultz

'There are not enough people', 'We can't get skilled workers', 'No one is applying for our jobs', 'I haven't got time to go look for people', 'I don't know where to look' - currently the common theme in conversation with most businesses in New Zealand.


Unfortunately this problem is not going away. The good news; thinking differently, collaborating and thinking outside the square with a core recruitment strategy can and will make the difference.

Don't think outside the box - think like there is no box - Anon


Our Strategic Difference

The Let's Work team have collectively 40 years international recruitment experience. We understand how deliberate and different you need to be to attract and keep employees.

Our Recruitment model is simple - we are the conduit for employers to potential employees.

This means we:

  • Do all the networking for you

  • Match the potential employees against your role criteria

  • Send the shortlist

  • And let you do the rest........

And even better no placement fees! Our fee structure is REALLY different.

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