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Mentoring is a brain to pick,
An ear to listen and
a push in the right direction

John C. Crosby

If everyone had a mentor when they start a new job, someone they can talk to, trust, vent, lean on, learn from and be pushed/nudged in the right direction  - how life changing would that be.

Worldwide studies have shown that people who are mentored:

  • are more engaged

  • are more loyal to their employer

  • achieve greater earnings in their lifetime

  • are more likely to go into leadership roles

  • have healthier lifestyles

  • make better life choices

  • achieve higher qualifications

A Mentor is someone who allows you to see the HOPE inside yourself - Oprah Winfrey


Our Programmes' Point of Difference

We believe the key strengths to making a Mentor programme work are:

Empowerment, Respect, Trust, User Friendly, Choice, Success

Using the Let's Work team's collective 40 years 'post-placement' experience, we have created a fully integrated, easy to use Mentor programme suite. The points of difference to our Mentor system are:

  • Mentee/Mentor matching system: this allows people to connect with the mentors or mentees of their choice

  • Mentee/Mentor interaction is engaging and productive: through a private portal they engage in live chat, share files, set and keep track of life goals and career pathways.

  • Strong measures and reporting: True & actual programme health and outcomes are measured and reported with a 'no cheating' system.

  • Our "Stay in Work' tool: Life changes for many, and this system enables the Mentee/Mentor to support sustainable employment, regardless of life changes.

Our Mentor Programmes

External Mentor Programme

  • Approved Mentors throughout NZ

  • Financial Literacy

  • Digital Literacy

  • Road Code Module

  • Learning pathway support

  • Health & Safety Modules

  • Career Support

  • 6 or 12 month programme

Company Mentor Programme

  • Customised programme

  • Internal Company Mentors

  • Financial Literacy

  • Digital Literacy

  • Road Code Module

  • 6 or 12 month programme

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