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Let's Work is not just a business, it is a collective of like minded, passionate souls whose differences complement each other, similarities strengthen each other and all have a core driver;

To Grow People, Grow Communities, Grow Business, Grow New Zealand.   

We 'Walk the Talk' in everything we do. This is reflected in our service delivery, our team ethos & the genuine enjoyment everyone has working with Let's Work.

Right across NZ, we have team members who are an active part of Let's Work and this is reflected in the Let's Work profit sharing strategy. We are all important and all needed to make Let's Work successful.

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We are excited to work with you on your projects. Whether small or large we will deliver, on time, within budget & with a smile.


Get to know the Strategy Team

Tina Rose

Social Initiative Influencer

Project Delivery Manager


Hi, I'm Tina. Born & bred in Auckland, I now spend family time between Auckland and the beautiful North in Kerikeri.

I am a people person with over 26 years expertise in marketing, publishing, adult education & stakeholder management.

I have an MA in Communication, Double Diploma Advertising & Marketing, NCAET, NCALE & Certificate in Teaching.

I am driven by partnering with employers & their teams to develop individual capability, organisational capability & be part of a changing & growing New Zealand.

Successfully starting and managing a small, high functioning PTE since 2011, has enabled me to work at the coalface of training in the workplace & making a difference to hundreds of people's lives.

Janine Wallis Martin

Social Initiative Influencer

Project Delivery Manager



Hi, I'm Janine. I am originally a Southlander, (Invercargill - not Gore :)

I have worked overseas in 2 countries for 11 years and came back to NZ in 2004 with the birth of my first child. (Too many poisonous things in Australia!)

I have over 26 years international experience in recruitment, HR & training & started, grown & owned my own boutique, successful Recruitment company in Sydney for 4 and half years.


I am passionate about Social Initiatives, having worked for 5 years & successfully grown a key initiative for one of NZ largest companies.

Meeting Tina early 2018, was life changing for me. Here was a highly respected, successful business women, with incredible skills & experience along with similar passions, values & beliefs to me.

And in August 2018, we began the Let's Work journey.


What I look forward to is how the greater team, along with Tina & I can help businesses make Social Initiatives a successful core part of their business & strategy.

Claire Whitaker

Programme Delivery Manager


Key Resource Developer

Workplace Assessor

Hi, I'm Claire. I am originally from England and moved to NZ in 2006. I have married a kiwi guy, who is originally from Whanganui.

I have worked in adult education for over 20 years, both here in NZ and back in England.

I have learnt, over time,  that mental & physical wellbeing is key and my profession & the people I work with are key to this. (Along with a good red wine & dark chocolate.)

I have a passion for making a difference in people's lives, allowing them to grow & change.

Marisa Gonzalez


Key Resource Developer

Language Translator

Workplace Assessor

Hi, I'm Marisa. I'm South American and moved to NZ from Uruguay with my family over 15 years ago. 

I have a teaching background and since being in NZ, have worked in adult education.

I have a Master of Professional Language Studies and work as a freelance translator & interpreter for government agencies.

I have a passion for education & lifelong learning.

Gareth Royal

Social Initiative Influencer


Board Member

Hi, I'm Gareth. I'm a kiwi, originally from the West Coast of the South Island. My Iwi is Tainui.

I accepted a Board position with Let's Work, early 2019.

Michelle Holmes

Project Delivery Support


Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm a kiwi, based in Auckland and love the Bay of Islands.

I have a background in the travel industry, property management, teacher aide and coaching.

For many years I have been part of numerous committees, BOT in early childhood & primary educations and supporting special needs organisations,

I have a passion fitness & wellbeing in for young people and have coached a football team for 4 years, (winning Under 17 Division 1, last season).

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