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One on One


Let's Work is a full-service business that partners with Clients to develop, execute and implement transformation & change.


We strive to be genuine partners, who not only get the job done well, but thrive to create & sustain ground-breaking change.


We work with individuals wanting to reskill to change change careers through to organisations wanting to innovate and change.


We know everyone is different; one size does not fit all, we work on a project basis and scale our services according to your evolving needs.


We pride ourselves on a pragmatic & practical approach. Collaborative by nature, we are intrinsically motivated to produce outstanding work. Not only will bright minds lift the tempo, but our people inspire positive team environments.



Reskilling Programme


With talent, passion & experience, we help Clients deliver programmes that bring about  transformation & change.


In our Programme & Initiatives team, we have purposefully sought some of the brightest, passionate & experienced Delivery Partners. Bringing original thinking, agility, extensive experience and expertise to every engagement.

Not only will they deliver, our people inspire positive team environments with: leadership, empathy, respect, humility and good humour.

We’ll work side by side with you to set-up and deliver your programme in the right way – on time, in full and on budget.


You can be confident that your people will be given every opportunity to apply new skills & transform their futures.


As a close knit part of your team,  we will be doing the work “with you, not to you”, and producing results that have real ownership and buy-in.


Reskilling Programme


Needing some guidance on creating a sustainable induction and training programme? Or have a programme but want to refresh or be a little different?


We cover New Zealand from top to bottom with a strong, experienced passionate team of people who are talent diverse, experienced across multiple industries and multi talented.

  • Experienced at developing programmes to all levels: operator and labourer through to current leaders, emerging leaders, new to work through to succession planning.

  • Whether English is the first language, second language or even if there is no English, or some of the trainees have learning difficulties, or simply hate learning - all barriers to learning are addressed, respectfully.

We incorporate into the programme different learning styles to ensure training is delivered to adults in a respectful way. 

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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